• Chef Thiraphan

Real Quality Thai Food

The number of Thai restaurant are incredibly increasing in every state. Business owner are getting opportunity to hire a cook from Thailand,

without thinking of food safety and standard concern.

We can see a lot of Thai restaurant around but how do you know that if it was authentic Thai food or not.

A lot of restaurant owners not only Thai food establishment are cut corner in food preparation and quality. I found that it is sad, not only they lie to their customers. They are betray their own Authentic food recipes by adding cheap substitute ingredients to the food.

I have seen chef are using Ketchup instead of Tamarind paste for Phad Thai Sauce to cut their cost. Also, lied to their customers that it was the Authentic Recipe from Thailand. Using cheap meat that have been marinaded with Meat tenderizer and said it was a quality meat. Have you ever taste the meat in the food that you have ordered and its taste odd?

As of the chef and restaurant owner, we should run the restaurant with passion and Honest. We need to give the customers what they paid for.

Our team are working so hard to prepare the food from scratch. Our regular customers know what we are all about. We will continue cooking with high quality ingredients with our grandma recipes. We are not one of them that just want to open restaurant without the food knowledge.

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